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Rabbit Heart (1/16)

Title: Rabbit Heart (1/16)
Author: SequinedButton
Pairing: Dean/Cas (main), Gabriel/Sam, references to Balthazar/Cas, Anna, mentions of: Ruby, Jo, Meg, Alistair, Crowley
Rating: PG (this chapter - rating will go up in further chapters)
Word Count:  (this chapter) ~ 2,280
Spoiler: none.  College AU
Warning: PG for language, mild drug taking, drinking
Summary:  As Castiel walks up the gravel path towards the huge mansion, he wonders why he let Anna talk him into going to this Halloween Masquerade party..
A/N: This is my very first fic so please review!! Inspired by the song Rabbit Heart (raise it up) - Florence and the Machine and very obviously Baz Luhrmanns Romeo and Juliet.
**Thankyou to the beautiful Jamie - who is my proofreader and writing muse :)


As Castiel walks up the gravel path towards the huge mansion, he wonders why he let Anna talk him into going to this Halloween Masquerade party..

Fidgeting with the strap of his wings yet again, he also wonders why he let Anna talk him into this angel costume, as his very thin white stocking top and tight white jeans really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But every time Castiel went to protest, Anna just rolled her eyes at him, a knowing look on her face.

Yet neither said why she gives him that look, not wanting to bring up the reason she convinced him to come tonight. The hurt and pain of the last couple of weeks still too fresh.

Lost in his thoughts, Castiel realises he’s fallen behind a little from his brother and sister, and jogs to catch up.

Anna tosses him a little worried look, her rabbit nose twitching.

Castiel ignores the look, having already seen it too many times in the last few weeks. Instead he looks ahead of them, across the well-manicured lawns they are walking along to the huge house.. More like a mansion Castiel thinks to himself..

He can already hear the noises from the party; the loud music, shouts and laughter coming from the house pumping out into the quiet night sky. 

Probably can hear it half way down the street

The house belongs to a wealthy friend of Anna’s from college.

.. Crowley he think the guy's name is.

Anna hasn’t said much about him, other than the rumours his family is wealthy from not exactly legal means. But Anna is never one to judge people purely on gossip and rumour.

Both Anna and his brother Gabriel were a few years ahead of him at college, Castiel having only just started in the spring.

And yet in just those short few months, so much has already happened.

Castiel is yet again distracted from his thoughts by a movement he sees out of the corner of his eye, a mummy making out with a mouse behind the row of trees that frame the massive front yard.

Next to him, Anna and Gabriel chatter excitedly as Castiel fiddles yet again with his white mask..

‘So why a masquerade party for Halloween?’ he says suddenly.

Anna rolls her eyes, and Gabriel smirks at him – pulling out his cigarettes from the pocket in his green tunic.

‘Why not?’ he answers back, around the cigarette in his mouth, his jester hat jingling as he tilts his head down to the flame from the lighter, dragging deeply, smoking swirling into the night sky..

Castiel frowns, fiddling with the strap of one of his wings.

‘Stop that!’ Anna scolds, adjusting her rabbit ear head band, trying to flatten down her flame red hair.

As they near the front door, framed by those huge pillars, that always seems to scream money Castiel thinks bitterly..

The front door bursts open suddenly and a short brunette in a sexy devil costume runs past the trio screaming, chased by what looks like a tall wiry blonde boy in a hockey mask and blood splatter apron and not a lot else.

Castiel gasps, bright blue eyes wide with shock as the pair runs past the trio, the boy crash tackling and pinning the devil girl on the grass..

‘..should we?’ Castiel starts as he notices then the couple start going for it right on the front lawn. Gabriel laughs, cheering the couple on, as Anna scoffs, ‘really!’

Leaving the couple to their very public display, the trio walk through the now open front doors into what looks like chaos..

Castiel takes a deep breath, sweeping a hand nervously through his dark hair, surveying the scene..

There is a frog kissing a hippy on the huge stair case, Joan of arc, a ghost and a bride of Frankenstein lean against a far wall, passing around a joint and talking animatedly, as a horse’s ass and panda walk past in front of them both happily chugging down beers.

Castiel chuckles a little and turns to make comment to Anna and realises both his siblings have left him.

Sighing Castiel decides to walk in the direction the horse and panda came from…

Might as well get a drink and look around and try to enjoy myself he thinks to himself.

Castiel walks through the main living room, where a skulling competition is in progress between a pirate and an alien, a big crowd gathered behind them, cheering and jeering the pair on as they slam down their fourth shot of a very suspect green liquid.

He continues on, squeezing through the crowd towards what must be the kitchen, where he is confronted by his brother with an arm full of a very tall muscular robin hood.

Gabriel notices Castiel in the door way giving Castiel a sly smile, brown eyes twinkling and lips red from kissing , ‘hey bro, thought we’d lost you. This is Sam’.

Castiel isn’t shocked Gabriel is with this boy, he always goes for the pretty muscular ones. This one however does look a little young and vaguely familiar…

Robin Hood turns his attention away from Gabriel to look towards Castiel.

‘Hey’ he smiles brightly; moving his hand away from his brother’s hip to brush his long bangs out of his hazel eyes, ‘Castiel? I think you’re in my theology class. You have Uriel?’

‘Yeah’ Castiel says, ‘you sit with that blonde girl yeah?’

Sam blushes, ‘uh.. yeah, not anymore’.

Castiel nods, running his hand through his fringe again nervously shifting slightly in the awkward silence.

Gabriel rolls his eyes, noticing the awkwardness, leans into Sam with a grin, reaching into his pocket; he pulls out a little pill and gives it to Castiel.

‘Here, you’ll like this’ he grins, moving away from the kitchen bench, the couple were leaning against, pulling Sam with him, ‘Have fun and don’t behave yourself!’ he calls over his shoulder moving past Castiel back into the next room, Sam follows smiling shyly and they are soon swallowed by the crowd.

Castiel eyes the pill suspiciously; small, round and white with a little pink heart on both sides.

Castiel sighs, still clutching the little pill; he grabs a bottle of beer from the sink filled with ice, taking big gulp, the cool liquid hitting the back of his throat. Hmming in appreciation, he moves towards the window that looks out onto the backyard and pool area.

Looking at the crowd of people, his eyes rest on the pool and he notices a familiar and almost naked stocky blonde in the shallow end of the pool, grinding into some girl as he ravishes her mouth...

 ‘Balthazar’ Castiel breathes.

Castiel turns away quickly, feeling tears prick his eyes.

It has been a couple of weeks since he and Balthazar split up, but the pain and hurt is still there. 

He still doesn’t quite understand what really happened between them, but Balthazar was his first since he fully came out as preferring boys and the pain of the break-up is still very fresh.

It seems, while Castiel had exiled himself away in his dorm room, since the break- up, it looks like Balthazar has already moved on.

Castiel looks down at the bottle in his shaking hands..

Fuck him, he thinks angrily. I can move on too. As he quickly looks again at the little pill in his other hand before making the split decision and putting it in his mouth and swallowing it down with a sip of his beer.

Moving back into the main room, Castiel staggers slightly, the effect of the pill and alcohol, he had just taken hitting him.

In the main room the skulling competition has long since broken up, but the room is still crowded, on the couches, in corners, on the floor, leaning against the walls, animals, fairies, goblins, devils and princesses.

Wanting to dull the pain, Castiel downs his drink quickly and wonders through the room.

Fuck him Castiel thinks again, I can go fuck some random too.

Suddenly the room seems to sway slightly… as people’s faces and the noise from the room blurs slightly as Castiel staggers further into the room, almost tripping over a vampire’s leg, he holds onto the wall to steady himself.

Ahh the drugs work quick.. He thinks absently and the need to find a nice solid wall to rest against to stop the room spinning, out weights his need to find a quick lay.

Castiel staggers to the far end of the room, leaning against the wall near an overstuffed arm chair currently occupied by a sleeping Cleopatra.

As he feels the cool wall against his back, Castiel leans his head back and closes his eyes, waiting for the room to right itself again.

It seems like hours go past, before the room finally stops swaying and the music stops being too loud and the voices around him too blurred.

As Castiel finally and slowly opens his eyes again, he spots someone out of the corner of his eye.. staring at him.

A Knight is standing against the wall on the other side of the room. He is medium height, a little taller than Castiel with dirty blonde hair, his plastic armour and chainmail shirt fitting snuggly on his muscular shoulders and slim torso. His face like Castiel’s, hidden beneath a mask.

Realising he’s been caught staring the Knight looks down at his drink, quickly.

Castiel continues to take in the sight of this beautiful Knight, full lips, tanned skin and athletic body, eyes trailing lower to his defined legs, obvious in his grey tights.

Feeling Castiel’s stare, the Knight lifts his head and locks eyes with him, quirking an eyebrow.

Castiel smiles shyly, a slight tilt of the head, then drops his eyes, feeling his cheeks burning up from the obvious leering he must have been doing.

As he lifts his eyes, again the boy in the Knight costume is still looking at him – lips quirked in a shy smile.

Castiel returns the smile again, but is momentarily distracted by someone yelling out, and he sees the flash of a naked body running through the room.

Castiel chuckles and his eyes meet the Knight's.

The Knight rolls his eyes and shrugs, and Castiel realises he really wants to get closer to the boy and see what colour those beautiful eyes are.

Castiel smiles again, and takes a sip of his drink, trying to build up the Dutch courage to walk over to this beautiful flirty Knight.

Just then the boy is approached by blonde Princess and her brunette Pussy Cat friend.

The Princess introduces the Pussy Cat to the boy and he nods politely, fleetingly glancing over at Castiel.

The Princess and Pussy Cat continue to chatter along to each other, standing on either side of the Knight as he continues to look at Castiel, giving flirty little glances and cheeky grins, as he nods at the girls conversation  pretending to be interested in what they are saying.

Castiel laughs a little at the boy, taking a slip of his drink.

By now the Princess has one hand on the boy’s arm; the Knight slyly rolls his eyes at her.

Castiel chuckles a little and licks his lips tasting the sweetness of his drink there.

All at once the boy’s expression changes, he is no longer bothering to even pretend he is paying attention to the Princess and the Pussy Cat.

The little flirty looks the Knight had been giving before, turn into one look of out-right desire and want.

The desire almost penetrating through Castiel from across the room and he can feel himself getting more than a little aroused at just that one look.  

To Castiel the music and noise of the party seems to a fade, the people around him become a blur and all he can see is this beautiful Knight and his penetrating stare. Eyes seemingly dilated and hooded, the air almost seems thick with lust and his heart is pounding in his chest, breath getting heavier…

Maybe he thinks – I’m seeing things that aren’t there after taking that pill…it could be directed towards those girlsbecause lord knows has been awhile since Balthazar, my  sex deprived brain might be seeing things that are not theremaybe the boy is just being friendly… pitying me as I stand alone on the other side of the room.

As if to answer Castiel’s silent worries, the boy licks those beautiful full lips seductively, lips quirking in a smirk.

Castiel bites his lip and even from across the room; he can tell the boy has gasped slightly by the way the Princess looks at him suddenly, giving him an odd look before continuing on her conversation with the Pussy Cat.

The Knight does not even seem to have noticed this look, continuing to just stare at Castiel…

The boy then seems to pull himself out of his reverie and quirks his head towards the door at Castiel.

Castiel nods in reply and is about to move, when he feels a pull on his arm and Anna is there in front of him, all rabbit ears and chatter, blocking his view of the beautiful Knight.

Suddenly the sights and sounds of the party come back to him as he realises Anna is talking to him,

Castiel shakes his head… ‘What?’  Trying to look over her shoulder…

Anna huffs at him. ‘What are you doing over here by yourself?’

Still not looking directly at her, trying to get a glimpse of his Knight, he says faintly, ‘…I’m not… I’m…’ As he moves her over slightly to look where the Knight was standing, to find… he’s gone.

Chapter 2


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Apr. 3rd, 2011 11:09 am (UTC)
Oh my! How interesting.

Castiel, go get your Knight!
Apr. 4th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
Ahh yes! He might.. eventually ;)
Apr. 3rd, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Damn it, Anna! We were just getting to the good stuff! lol Awesome story, looking forward to the next chapter.
Apr. 4th, 2011 01:32 am (UTC)

Yeah unfortunately she'll be interrupting a bit more later on too!
Apr. 3rd, 2011 03:10 pm (UTC)
Dean/Castiel + bonus past Cas/Balthazar + college AU + masquerade party = JACKPOT. ♥

I loved this. The sexy staring/flirting is kind of ridiculously hot. I can't wait for the next part! :)
Apr. 4th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
Thanks!! I was really worried I didn't get it right.
Yes A LOT more action between the two to follow ;)
Apr. 3rd, 2011 11:50 pm (UTC)
Ooo I can't wait for more! I love masquerades!
Apr. 4th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
Same! I'm just playing out my masquerade, angel wings, boy kissing kinks all in the one fic :)
Apr. 5th, 2011 01:38 am (UTC)
Oooo this is good! XD
Apr. 5th, 2011 07:19 am (UTC)
Chapter 2 will be up very very soon!
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